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jQuery Autocomplete with Razor Web Pages and a SQL CE Database

calendar_today 16 August 2011 09:23

jQuery ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix Razor

There are a number of autocomplete solutions for jQuery, including the widget that comes as part of the jQuery UI library. This article looks at incorporating the jQuery UI Autocomplete widget into a Razor-based ASP.NET Web Pages site.

WebMatrix and jQuery Forms Part 2 - Editing Data

calendar_today 06 August 2011 17:33

jQuery ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix Razor WebGrid

This article continues on from one I wrote a while ago, showing how to use jQuery to create a data entry form in conjunction with the WebGrid. The original article prompted a number of requests to show how to extend the example to provide editing functions, and now I have found some time to answer those requests.

WebMatrix Opens Wrong Version Of Visual Studio

calendar_today 01 May 2011 08:56

Visual Studio WebMatrix

A number of people have complained that clicking the Visual Studio Launch button in WebMatrix opens an older version of Visual Studio instead of the latest version. There is an easy fix to this.

Generating RSS and ATOM Feeds In WebMatrix

calendar_today 12 April 2011 12:36

ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix Razor

I've previously looked at how to generate RSS feeds for both Web Forms and MVC using a variety of techniques, so it is only right that I look at a couple of ways to do this in Web Pages - the Razor based web development model supported by WebMatrix.

The Difference Between @Helpers and @Functions In WebMatrix

calendar_today 20 March 2011 09:42

ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix Razor

This is another post which was inspired by a recent question in the ASP.NET forums, when someone asked what the difference is between @functions and @helpers in ASP.NET Web Pages. Here, I look at both of these contructs and explain what they are, how they are different, and how each should be used appropriately.

Data Access Choices For WebMatrix

calendar_today 05 March 2011 22:46

ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix

When WebMatrix was originally launched, it spurred a lot of activity from people who do not like seeing raw SQL statements in code files, or who perceived a problem working with dynamic objects. Some of these people threw their hands up in horror and tweeted or blogged their displeasure, while others felt the urge to do something about the "problem" as they saw it, and a number of open source data access projects have resulted. I've had a quick look at three projects to see what they might bring to the party.

Why You Can't Use Extension Methods With A WebGrid

calendar_today 27 January 2011 12:58

Extension Method ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix WebGrid

An interesting question came up recently on the ASP.NET forums. In it, the questioner was attempting to use my Chop() extension method to limit the number of characters in a WebGrid column but it wouldn't work. At first, I was a little stumped, so I tried it myself and got an error message:

I'm Writing A Book On WebMatrix

calendar_today 18 January 2011 19:27

ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix

Yes - it's official! I'm writing a book for Wiley all about Microsoft's new stack for beginner web developers - WebMatrix.

Creating A Custom Template For WebMatrix

calendar_today 14 January 2011 23:57

ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix

WebMatrix includes a number of pre-built templates that you can use as a basis for developing your site, but wouldn't it be great if you could add new ones? Well, there is a way to do so, and this article looks at the steps required.

The WebGrid Helper - Making Selections

calendar_today 13 January 2011 14:08

ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix Razor WebGrid

The WebGrid helper, introduced via ASP.NET Web Pages, provides a means for displaying tabular data easily. This article examines how to enable selection within the WebGrid at row level.

Razor, Cascading Select Lists and jQuery Templates - A New Twist

calendar_today 04 January 2011 22:20

jQuery ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix Razor

jQuery Templates enable easy client-side generation of html. When combined with JSON data or other JavaScript objects, jQuery Templates provide a way to create a dynamic data-driven site without any server-side code whatsoever. However, in this article I will look at how they can be used to produce cascading select lists in a Razor Web Pages site.

WebMatrix - URLs, UrlData and Routing for SEO

calendar_today 20 December 2010 12:56

ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix Razor

There is a certain amount of debate surrounding the importance of friendly URLs in terms of Search Engine Optimisation and improving your ranking. One thing is certain - having friendly URLs helps users to identify whether the content at the end of a link to your site is likely to be relevant to them or not. This article examines how you can make use of the built-in support for Routing provided by ASP.NET Web Pages to not only create friendly URLs, but to work with parameters as well.

Nested Layout Pages with Razor

calendar_today 17 December 2010 13:27

ASP.NET MVC ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix Razor

Razor Layout pages are the equivalent to MasterPages in ASP.NET Web Forms and the Web Forms View Engine within ASP.NET MVC. Just as it is possible to nest MasterPages, it is also possible to nest Razor Layout pages. This article explores the process required to achieve nesting of Layout pages using the Razor View Engine in MVC 3, or WebMatrix Web Pages sites.

Building Mobile Apps with WebMatrix and jQuery Mobile

calendar_today 12 December 2010 21:52

jQuery ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix Razor

jquery Mobile was launched just a month or so ago, and is designed to make it as easy to build JavaScript-enabled web applications for mobile phones as for the desktop browser. Still in Alpha, the library has a way to go, but it already offers a rather interesting experience when used as part of a mobile phone targeted web application. Here's a first look at how to use jQuery Mobile with WebMatrix to build a mobile web application.

WebMatrix - Testing the WebImage Helper With JCrop

calendar_today 17 October 2010 09:06

jQuery ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix

My original JCrop article which looked at cropping uploaded images in ASP.NET has proven to be the most popular coding article I've ever written, with more views and comments than any other. Revisiting JCrop in the context of Web Pages gives me the opportunity to have a look at the WebImage helper, and see how that might make uploading and cropping images easier.

WebMatrix - Working With The JSON Helper

calendar_today 15 October 2010 18:51

jQuery ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix Razor

Javascript Object Notation (JSON) is a data exchange format which really grew in popularity as AJAX libraries took off. It's lightweight and human readable, and is a great way of transferring data structures between the browser and the server. The JSON Helper was added in WebMatrix Beta 2, and this article looks at its main methods, and how they can be used.

WebMatrix - Protecting Your Web Pages Site

calendar_today 10 October 2010 20:04

ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix Razor

Your Web Pages site is under threat. There are people out there who want to break into restricted areas, download files they shouldn't have access to, mess up your database and steal your passwords. Worse still, they want to use your application as a gateway to the web server so that they can take full control over it. This article examines those threats and how you can protect your application against them.

WebMatrix Beta 2 Changes

calendar_today 08 October 2010 19:29

ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix

WebMatrix Beta 2 was released a few days ago, and introduced a number of breaking changes which will affect the downloadable samples in my previous articles. I'm going to update the articles and their downloads when I can, but in the meantime, here are the most important changes introduced within the newer Beta release.

Book Review - CLR Via C# Third Edition

calendar_today 12 September 2010 08:14

C# General Book Review

I've had a review copy of Jeffrey Richter's CLR via C#, Third Edition for some months, and it has taken until now to get round to publishing my thoughts on the book. It's not my fault. I blame the book. It made me forget why I was given a copy in the first place. Let me explain...

WebMatrix - Database Helpers for IN Clauses

calendar_today 11 September 2010 09:35

Extension Method ASP.NET Web Pages WebMatrix Razor

There are times when you want to query a database for records matching a range of values, but you do not know what those values are, or even how many there are at design time. You could dynamically build your WHERE clause with multiple ORs, or you can use the SQL IN clause - except that the current database helpers in WebMatrix don't make this easy. It's about time that was fixed....