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Earlier this week, I released the first version of Web Pages CMS - a content managment system that has been built using the ASP.NET Web Pages framework. The project is being hosted at CodePlex, and version is available as a download. I also launched an accompanying web site that provides documentation for the project at www.webpagescms.com.

There are plenty of ASP.NET Content Management Systems available so why launch Web Pages CMS? Well, existing systems have been built on the Web Forms or MVC frameworks, and if you are not familiar with those, you are in for a steep learning curve if you want to extend the CMS. Not only do you have to learn how to work with the CMS product itself, but you also need to learn a new development framework. The Web Pages framework was designed to lower the barrier of entry to ASP.NET developers and Web Pages CMS seeks to do the same.

Web Pages has been designed as an on ramp to ASP.NET development with MVC as the recommended step up if your development needs grow to demand something more "enterprise" from your framework. In a similar way, Web Pages CMS has borrowed a lot of inspiration from Orchard, an ASP.NET MVC CMS, and the way that widgets and layers work will be familiar to developers coming from Orchard, or moving up to Orchard as your needs dictate.

So what are the key features of Web Pages CMS? First, the system retains every version of every page, should you want it, so you can roll back instantly if needed. It also supports publishing to a schedule. The system has been designed to create SEO-friendly sites - you have full control over your urls and meta description and keyword contents. Out of the box, the system offers a theme based on Twitter Bootstrap, and it is really easy to create your own layouts and themes.

In addition, the system supports a robust roles and permissions system, enabling you to control who has access to the administration area, and what they can do once they are authenticated. Widgets are the building blocks of reusable content and are very easy to create and manage. Email forms are a first class citizen of Web Pages CMS (which is something that Orchard doesn't offer ;0)).

Data access: Web Pages CMS only supports SQL Server CE 4.0 at the moment, but in the fullness of time, I envisage supporting the full version of SQL Server.

If you would like to try Web Pages CMS, please visit the CodePlex site and download the recommended release. If you have any questions about using the system and they aren't answered in the project documentation, use the Discussion pages at CodePlex.


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- Martin

Hi Mike
Thanks so much for building this product. I have just downloaded it and installed, but when I open it in WebMatrix and attempt to run it, I get the "forbidden" message you mention even though I do not appear to have the folder you mention, named as letters and numbers. I can't get it to run?

- Mike


Click the Download link on the main page for the project and try that instead.

- Asim

Mike I tried this and it looks great, you might need to clear the instructions for installing the CMS. Once you open the folder, you need to go to site settings in WebMatrix and set the default document to "firstrun.cshtml" and make sure .Net Framework is selected otherwise people will get those errors.

- satyabrata mohapatra

Web pages CMS-a masterpiece.Thanks sir.

- Mike


You don't need to set firstrun.cshtml as the default document. In fact, you shouldn't do that.

- Martin

Hi Mike, I tried your suggestion but no good. I also tried uninstalling WM3 and then reinstalling but was still no good. However, after reading a comment from Asim, I checked the .NET Framework selection in the site settings page and found it was set to None. Once I set it to 4.0 Integrated, everything started working!

- reav

Finally! Awesome and long awaited work Mike! Looking forward to contribute!

- B. Clay Shannon

This sounds very promising; I created my first site (www.bigsurgarrapata.com) using Brind's book as my main guide.

I would like to see a "gallery" of sites created with "Web Pages CMS" or at least one - surely Mr. Brind himself has created one with it he would be willing to show off (or some screen shots, at least)?

What is this "3 + 8" jazz below?

- Mike

Hi Clay

I created (am still creating) www.webpagescms.com with Web Pages CMS.

The 8 + 9 ( in my case) jazz is a simple reCaptcha type of device to minimise bot form submissions.

- B. Clay Shannon

Thanks, Mike - cool site! I will definitely keep it in mind for future endeavors in the CMS arena.

I figured out the "jazz"; although I think 12/8 is more appropriate for the genre, that's how I was able to burst the barrier the first time (by thinking "inside the box" for once).

Anyway: note that "license" is misspelled as "licence" on your site.

- Mike

Licence is spelt correctly. You can use Google Translate to convert my English to American if you like :o)

- yousaid

Great News !! I was working on a similar project, but have been sidelined by other projects. I have already started on adding a few extensions .

- B. Clay Shannon

"Licence is spelt correctly. You can use Google Translate to convert my English to American if you like :o)"


- donramon

Your web matrix articles, book, forum, and the CMS are right on. I have learned enormously from your contributions. The community should be as grateful as I am. Thank you.

- billcat

it's cool~ I buy and read your book in china,now i can use your CMS in china,It's pleasantly surprised. thanks

- Glenn Walker

Thanks for this contribution to CMS'.

Is it possible to integrate Active Directory for membership?

- Mike

I'm in the process of writing an article about including Windows Authentication in ASP.NET Web Pages sites. It should be ready in a day or two.

- Glenn Walker

Ah!.. that's good.

I'm a .NET novice and am green as to the complexities. But am tasked with providing a portal for my companies flexible benefits portfolio. This would require extraction of fields from AD of logged in employees, so any documentation which doesn't baffle me like the MSDN pages would be welcome.

- David

Hi Mike! Great work on the CMS. I'm an old dog learning new tricks. Been a classic ASP (VBScript) developer since 1998 and have finally made the decision to learn this dot net thingamajig. Your code is well commented and easy to understand. I'm sure I'll have questions but I wanted to comment here to say thank you for the great work.


- Alan

Try as I might, I cannot get the app to work. I have done as instructed in the documentation with no luck. When I run the CMS in WebMatrix 3.0 I get a blank page except for the heading "Home" in bold and directly beneath it I get "Home page content". nothing else. Cannot find the code in the original source cshtml's

- Mike


Sounds like you have got it running just fine. You need to go to the admin section and change the home page content and add your own. You can get to the admin section by typing /admin in your browser address bar and entering the user name and password you provided when you forst set the system up.

- Alex Ch.

Hi Mike!

Thanks, cool system for ASP.NET WEb pages. But why not publish together with the source code and the source code is also the site http://www.webpagescms.com/ (incl. all the settings, themes, page structure, etc.)?

- Mike


The source is available on Codeplex. There is a link to it in the first paragraph. The WebPagesCms site uses that source code.

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