About this site

I started this site as somewhere to store answers to bits and pieces that I see asked frequently in the forums at www.asp.net. Rather than type the same answer to a question over and over, I reckoned that it would be easier to provide a fuller answer here, then link to it. From then on, I have added items that result from my playing around with the ever increasing number of new features in ASP.NET.

This version of the site is written using the ASP.NET MVC framework (v 5.0), and the Entity Framework is used for Data Access. I have used the Flatly Bootstrap template from Bootswatch because I am rubbish at design and it looked nice (to me). The first version of the site was thrown together using Web Forms, SqlDataSource controls and Drag and Drop. In the middle of 2008, I replaced the SqlDataSource controls with ObjectDataSource controls and Linq To SQL. Not because I needed to, but I had nothing else on which to experiment with LINQ to SQL at the time. I migrated it to MVC in 2009 and then left it alone for 5 years.


You are welcome to link to/copy/borrow/steal/bookmark or otherwise make use of any of the code you find here if it is useful to you, entirely at your own risk. All the code and information available on this site is provided as-is with no warranties of any kind.

You may NOT copy entire articles and publish them on your own site.

The best place to ask questions about any errors you get in your ASP.NET code is at forums.asp.net. You could use the comments facility that features at the bottom of every article in the site, but this is not the quickest way to get help. I may be busy doing my day job (which does not include providing free support on other people's ASP.NET problems). It might take days before your comment is even moderated and published. And even then, I may not know how to solve your problem. If you would like to contact me on any other matter, please feel free to do so using the form on the Contact page.


Most articles contain much, if not all the code you need to get going. More recent ones (especially ones about the Web Pages framework) also include a link to a download. However, if you find that the concepts introduced in an article are foreign to you, and I didn't explain them well enough or at all, feel free to use the contact form to suggest topics for additional articles. You can also use Google or Bing or any other search engine to find more information, or use the forums at forums.asp.net to ask a question.

A bit about me

I'm no guru. Despite that (or perhaps because of it) I have been awarded Microsoft MVP for ASP/ASP.NET each year since 2008.

I wrote a book for Wrox that covers the ASP.NET Web Pages framework and working with WebMatrix. It's called Beginning ASP.NET Web Pages With WebMatrix.

I have been developing web sites since 2002, and am completely self-taught. I live in Rochester in the UK.

Another Disclaimer

This site is purely a personal web site and therefore the views etc expressed within it are completely mine. They do not represent the views of my employers, nor those of any other organisation or any other person.... except of course, where they represent the views of my employers, another organisation or person. But I tend to sit on the fence a lot, so most of the views expressed herein are not exactly going to rock the foundations of civilisation.

Cookies And Privacy

This site uses cookies for visitor analytics, but they don't tell me who you are. You might provide me with your email address as part of a comment or when using the contact form. If you do, I undertake not publish it or pass it on to anyone else, unless the Fedz make me.

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