Include contents of an html page in an aspx page

If you are creating a new ASP.NET application, but have a huge collection of existing content in html files, one option is to move all the content into a database and generate pages dynamically. However, migration to a database can be a time-consuming task depending on the volume of content. So wouldn't it be easier to somehow import the relevant parts of the existing html pages into your aspx page?

The use of System.IO and regular expressions makes this a very easy task. Place a <asp:Literal> control (ID="htmlbody") on your page, and then use the following code to strip out everything up to and including the <body> tag (regardless of whether the tag contains additional attributes), and everything from the closing </body> tag onwards:

 StreamReader sr;
 string html;
 sr = File.OpenText("<path_to_file.htm>");
 html = sr.ReadToEnd();

 Regex start = new Regex(@"[\s\S]*<body[^<]*>", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase);
 html = start.Replace(html,"");
 Regex end = new Regex(@"</body[\s\S]*", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase);
 html = end.Replace(html, "");
 htmlbody.Text = html;

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- pranav

what does below code means?


- Mike


It's part of a regular expression pattern. It attempts to locate the body tag in the html, and allows for cases where there might be inline styling or javascript onload function calls. Or indeed anything else.

- Jason

I have a aspx page where I have it inside of a master page. I want to add javascript but I know you can only do this in a html page. I am just wanting to know is ther a way to add javascript to a aspx page.

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